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Family Lighting Package – Light Up Those Dark Winter Nights!

by | Dec 27, 2022

When the sun begins to rise a little later, and the sun begins to set a little earlier you might feel like those dark winter nights have taken over! Searching for ways to enjoy time with your family without leaving home can feel like a daunting task.

Fear not, Arctic Spas® family lighting package can help light up those cold dark nights!

Underwater Lights

Featuring 2 underwater lights and elegant backlighting, your spa might become your family’s favourite new spot!

The controls and drink holders along the top lip area of your tub are backlit so you will easily be able to find them even on the darkest of evenings. Additionally, “water-rope” waterfalls are also backlit. These waterfall jets are equipped with LED lighting that offer a full range of lighting effects providing a soothing experience for everyone!


Digitally Controlled

With numerous points of light in this package, you are able to control them digitally. Static, multi-colour, fades and patterns allow you the ability to choose a range of colour combinations. Whether you are entertaining guests and want a lively light show, or it’s just you and your partner having a romantic soak together, the family lighting package has you covered.

Choose Your Favourite Colours

Everyone has a favourite colour or colours, and with the family lighting package, you’ll be sure the entire family can choose theirs! The ambiance of a nice blue, or the soothing glow of orange, select your preferred colour or a lively pattern – whatever the mood.

Pro Tip: Did you know your hot tub cover can easily be transformed into the perfect screen for a projector!? The easiest way to do this is by using the structure of your gazebo. Attach your projector to the roof of your gazebo, angle it down towards the cover, run an extension cord to the projector, and you’re ready to start watching movies! For ways that you can enhance your backyard tub experience and have the perfect movie night for your family, please read this article!

Light Up Your Life

During the Winter, finding ways to spend time with your family without having to brave the cold weather and icy road conditions can be difficult. When you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of lights that shine like the Northern Lights Aurora Borealis just steps from your back door, you may not want to leave home!

Side view of a hot tub with Corner Accent blue Light turned on

Now that you have read about all the fantastic benefits of the family lighting package you can slip into your hot tub, and light up your life!