Buying A Hot Tub? Here's How To Get The Best Deals!
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Buying A Hot Tub? Here’s How To Get The Best Deals!

by | Oct 6, 2022

So you’ve made the decision to buy a hot tub. The next step in your decision is probably going to be finding the best deal. In order to make this easier on you, we will walk you through ways you can do this through energy efficiency, upgrades, and ultimately shopping for the best deal.


Energy Efficient Models

Reducing energy should be at the top of your list when purchasing a spa. Ensuring that your new plunge bath is equipped with proper insulation will improve energy efficiency by reducing heat loss. By doing so, your heaters and pumps will not need to work as hard to maintain heat, which in turn means a lower bill.


All Arctic Spas® models are designed with our very own superior insulation feature: FreeHeat™. High density polyurethane foam is applied to the cabinet walls, lip underside, and floor to prevent heat loss. A 5″ thick cover provides even more insulation to your bath to make sure your energy bills stay low!

Another way to ensure energy efficiency is by purchasing a spa that is well-engineered, especially for a harsh winter climate. The shell of a tub is extremely important, and finding one that is built to last will save you on future costs of replacing your spa.

At Arctic Spas®, our self supporting composite shell is hand made by applying layer after layer of a proprietary filler-free fibre glass composite material. This gives our hot tubs incredible strength offering protection against the world’s harshest climates.


Upgrades and Features

When on the hunt for a new tub, you are probably going to consider some upgrades or additional features. Many times, these additional features can save you money in the long run, buy reducing energy consumption and water wastage.

Arctic Spas® Spa Boy® represents the most important advancement to hot tubs in many years. This incredible, patented technology uses medical-grade sensors to constantly analyze key water cleanliness parameters and from this data, the Spa Boy® system precisely controls the output of our integrated salt water system, ensuring that sanitizer levels are kept in the absolute optimum range. Should your spa’s pH value come slightly out of balance, Spa Boy® alerts the spa owner (via the topside control panel, the app and the portal) to correct this condition.

Changing your water less frequently reduced water wastage, which is an important part of remaining sustainable for our planet all while saving you money on your water bill.


Look for Specials

Local retailers often have special offers or deals that can reduce the cost of your tub. Savings on certain features or models might just get you into that spa you’ve been thinking about. Most stores often have deals locally, so it is a good idea to speak to your local dealer when you’re ready and find out what they have to offer.

One of the best ways to save costs on your purchase is to be on the lookout for seasonal deals. Arctic Spas® fall savings event where you can save on the costs of msrp and upgrades.

If you’re still not within the budget you’ve hoped to achieve, purchasing a used or refurbished tub can reduce costs even further. Inventory will be different at each location, so don’t hesitate to call or visit your local showroom.


The Best Deal

If you’ve been dreaming of relaxing in that hot spa all year long and have been wondering how to find the best deal we hope this blog has helped you.

Making sure your tub is energy efficient will not only make you feel good about remaining environmentally friendly but will save you on energy costs. Additional features that reduce water consumption will provide a low-maintenance way to reduce stress and enjoy the relaxing soak you need after a long day.


Happy shopping!